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Birthdate:Jun 5
Gavroche is a street rat, born and bred. He came to the bar at about ten years old, but has looked after himself, more or less, for as long as he can remember. Expect him to try and pick your character's pocket if he gets the chance - unless he knows you. And he won't trust anybody easily, or accept charity.

He also arrived dead. He was shot, twice, during a revolution, and the healed scars will be visible (one where a musket ball cut his head, one where he was shot in the chest - the wound that killed him) if anyone gets to see the second. He is, however, no longer so, thanks to a sorcerer named Asandir.

He's now roughly fifteen, though even he couldn't say for sure how old he is, and he's smaller and skinnier than the average fifteen-year-old anyway - he could probably pass for thirteen or fourteen. He dresses in more modern clothes now and is not nearly as thin as he was when he moved into the House of Arch, thanks to years of good feeding, but he'll never be what you'd call well-built.

He's from the novel/play Les Miserables and as such, is the property of Victor Hugo's estate. Not me. ;)

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