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This is Gavroche from a timeline where he survived the barricades, instead only being knocked unconscious by the shot that grazed his head and not waking up until it was all over, surrounded by the bodies of his friends and sister.

It was a formatively horrific experience. He never used the name Gavroche again, choosing instead to call himself "Piaf", or "sparrow".

At this point of his life, he's somewhere in his late teens and a compulsive loner. He steals to live, but according to his self-imposed morals, takes what he needs and no more, and never from those who can't afford to lose it. If he finds out he's stolen something irreplaceable, he might negotiate for a reward, but he will give it back if he can.

He's an inveterate cynic and a cocky little bastard, and the "compulsive loner" part is a defense mechanism. He might, possibly, warm to certain people but tries to avoid any kind of deep connection - because they're just going to die on him anyway.
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When they step through from the bar, they're standing in a huge white room, the walls lined with pictures.

"Welcome to the House of Arch. This is the entrance hall, we can get to the other rooms from here."
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It's odd, Gavroche thinks vaguely as he walks the halls towards Eponine's room.  It's more of a test of his nerves to face this conversation than he remembers it being to go out retrieving ammo under fire.

...but then, he was very young then.

Reaching the door, he steels himself and knocks.
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There's a price to be paid, for the kind of healing Gavroche has to offer. A price in energy, for some things, but that only applies to the minor wizardries.

For major surgery, the price is in blood.

Too many of the victims are wounded beyond anything the minor wizardries can heal, and he only has so much blood to spare.

Still, he does what he can, going from pallet to pallet, to warm or to calm or, for the few patients he can manage before he knows he'll be too weak to carry on if he helps even one more, to close wounds and heal burns.

He can only do so much. But what he can do, he has to do.

In Life's name, and for Life's sake.
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The Floating Market is the safest place in London Below, as long as the enforced truce holds. This may be why the door chose to bring Matilda here.

Or maybe just because it's also one of the most interesting places in the city. Anything you can imagine and some things you can't can be found in this place - or rather, at this market, since it's never in the same place twice.

Today, it's in the catacombs under Camden. Once used as stables, they have a good source of light from the cast-iron grilles in the road above, and are clean and dry. Not that it's easy to tell that, since every inch of free space is covered with stalls and browsing people.
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He promised Tom he wouldn't go out into London Below alone.

But he never promised he wouldn't go out at all.

So when the rats come to him, a score of them or more, and tell him there's something they want him to see, he only hesitates a little before he goes.

The rats count as an escort... right?


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